How to Change Keyboard Layout: Keyboard Stickers

Keyboard stickers let you change keyboard layout to any language and type foreign characters fast without much effort: quickly and simply. Whether you need to add additional alphabet, learn foreign language, or you just often switch to different keyboard layouts as a bi-lingual speaker, all your text typing needs can be addressed by SoloType with our best keyboard stickers of top quality designed for any computer keyboard, be it Windows PC, Mac, or laptop. Keyboard layouts are printed on clear or opaque films covered on top with a special protective layer to ensure high durability, clean application and maximum easiness, and fit all standard keyboars. Stickers are designed for QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts for Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Greek, and many other languages. Unlike many similar computer keyboard products on the market that last for only a few weeks or irreversibly damage the keyboards, our branded products are made on production-grade equipment, go through rigorous quality checks, and guarantee full customer satisfaction for years and clean application.

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator, Vegas, Final Cut, Xpress, and other color-coded video editing keyboards are used by numerous established video and sound production studios around the world. Video editing keyboards enable significant performance improvements in mastering software and working with video FX. With our keyboard decals for Photoshop, Final Cut and other applications, you will quickly learn keyboard shortcuts and get more screen space by switching off multiple toolbars! Now you don't need to get expensive but less convenient editing keyboard on every workstation - keep using your comfortable ergonomic keyboard and buy keyboard stickers to apply on top of its keys.

Illuminated and glow-in-the-dark keyboard stickers will quickly convert your standard keyboard into lighted offering completely different text typing experience combined with fun and style and illuminate your keyboard. Enhanced oversized symbols on these keyboard stickers increase your writing comfort in dark rooms.

You can buy keyboard stickers online on this site and pay using your credit card, PayPal, Skrill, or 2CO. All stickers have a number of choices for inexpensive international mail delivery. You will receive your package within the matter of days.